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Reusable Packaging

What is Sustainable Packaging?
Simply put, it is packaging that reduces the environmental impact of retail and wholesale operations over time.
Ingredients: Using 100% recycled or raw materials.
Production process: Reducing the industry's carbon footprint by miniminizing the process of production and supply chain.
Reusability: Creating a circular economy around the packaging. extending its lifecycle and usability.
Reduced Environmental Impact with Reusable Packaging 
Reusable packaging reduces the environmental impact of retail and wholesale operations in a variety of ways:
Less Solid Waste: The extended life of a reusable packaging eliminates hundreds of single use packages entering landfills, reducing solid waste by up to 86%.
Lower CO2 Emissions: Reusable packaging eliminates the need to recycle or remanufacture single use packaging reducing greenhouse gas emissions by up to 60%.
Lower Energy Consumption: The energy used to manufacture reusable packaging items is up to 64% lower than that used to manufacture and recycle single use packaging.
Lower Water Consumption: Single-use packaging uses up to 80% more water for production. Recycling and disposal than reusable packaging.
Is our packaging eco-friendly?
Yes, our reusable packaging is designed from 100% recyclable plastic. Let's make our planet better